Embroidery Supplies

Below is a short list of products I use for Embroidery 


Stabilizer is used when embroidering on anything. Different stabilizers are used for different types of fabrics and materials.  I typically use Tear Away Stablizer with a layer of Polymesh Stabilizer this (for me) creates a beautiful embroidery experience on the garment. I use this in addition to water soluable stabilizer when embroiderying on plush fluffy fabric materials such as minky fabrics and fleece jackets/vests. 


Embroidery Thread

Here is where you want to invest in the best. 

I use Brothread, Madiera, Threadart and Allstitch to supply my embroidery thread and Sewing Threads. 


Applique scissors are used to finely cut around your applique fabric when embroidering an applique design.  I love these scissors - there are several to choose from that would fit your needs. It is all about preference. 


Spray adhesive provides a mild tack which is helpful in apply the garment to the stabilizer. I usually use 505 Fabric Spray and really like it over basting sprays and other brands. 


Cutting mats are important for your craft room but you can start with a small or large one, your choice.  I started off with a small one due to the small space I had at the time I first started, but now have 3 large mats. If space is limited Amazon had a great cutting mat that folds away when not in use. 


There are several different types of rotary cutters you can choose from. I initially began using Fiskars brand but quickly did not care for it. I changed to Ofla brand and love it. Again it is all in what you like.