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Fabulous Foam - used with Caps for a 3D look

So I must have been living under a rock to not know that I can use Foam (special kind of foam) to create a 3D look on letters and embroidery logos on caps.

I purchased several various colors from and am awaiting for them to arrive.

I will provide a finish look on a cap I am planning on stitching out.

ALSO- I wasn't aware the when stitching stiff caps, those that have that stiff cap front areas where I normally would embroidery on, that I will need a different needle, a 20/18 size organa needle, so it can handle the stiffness of the cap. This also will prevent the usual needles that comes with the 6 needle from breaking. I have embroidered on a cap before using the needles that came with the PR970E Brother 6 needle but the cap was a soft cap and was not stiff.

Keep an eye out for my first cap using the Foam 3D concept. :)

Wanting to know more about puff and using form on caps watch this video

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