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Looking into adding a new method of designing to our shop.

We have been looking into adding a new method of designing to our shop. We currently offer sublimation, embroidery, handmade apparel, wood signing/decor and tumblers. So why not add something else, right!!!

The Direct to Film is a fairly new method to the garment decorating industry and we are thinking of getting into providing not only Direct to Film (DTF) prints but also designed apparel and products utilizing DTF method of design.

We are currently doing a lot of research to narrowing down our options.

We know that there are more details and steps to this method of designing so want to ensure we are getting the best equipment and products before we start offering DTF to our customers.

There is also a slight learning curve as DTF utilizes a RIP software that we are all not to familiar with so, it may be a few months till we are up and running and will soon be adding these options to our shop.

We will keep all our customers and fans in the know as to when we will be launching Direct to Film to our website and will also have an open boxing video to share.

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