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OH NOOOOO.... My harddrive crashed

Luckily I was able to get everything but the last 2 years of files off the old drive. But after a long weekend redownloading all my embroidery files and fonts back onto my new harddrive, I now feel like the crash was needed. I am so more organized now with all my files. Yes, I did loose anything I created from scratch but it is what it is.

Learning lesson, I purchsed (2) new harddrive, a back up for the back up.

Always have an external hard drive and another external hard drive to back up your main one.


YouTube: PRODUCTS I use for EMBROIDERY: Awesome and some free embroidery designs:

Applique Designs really cute appliques at an awesome price. Click the link below:

MFLABEL Laser Label printer:

White Tiered Baskets for Blanks stock:

Mini Heat Press Machine and Heat Mat:

Sulky Sticky Stabilizer:

No Show mesh stabilizer:

Pe800 Machine Work Table:

Dry Erase Pocket Order Organizing Envelopes:

White sewing craft chair:

Silver Hanging File Racks I use to hold my envelopes and shipping supplies: Envy 6055 Laser Jet Printer:

Lighting Kit and Tripod:

24x36 cutting mats:

Pegboard accessories:

Brother PE800 5x7 embroidery area Embroidery Machine:

Brothread box of mixed colors thread spools (qty 25):

Thread Spool Racks:

Thread spool holder:

Mesh thread spool keepers:

Fiskars Curved Scissors:

6” bend embroidery scissors:

Needles for PE800 machine:

My awesome craft table:

Box of pre-wound Bobbins for PE800 standard sz A:

505 Temporary Adhesive fabric spray:

Wash Away Water-Soluble Stabilizer and topping:

Tear Away Embroidery Stabilizer Rolls:

Tender Touch Sulky backing:

HeatNBond Lite:

Multi Pack of various hoops for PE800:

Clear bags for shipping apparel 9x12 size prior to putting in pretty shipping envelope:

Pretty Poly Bags for mailing orders:

My Vinyl and fabric organizer.

My awesome craft table:

Super soft kids blanks - Adorable blanks – My adult blank tshirt go to vendors ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow us: Website: ETSY SHOP: Instagram:

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