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Screen Print Apparel (DTF)- new recently added to shop

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

I have been wanting to offer screen print apparel, mainly because I am tired of being limited in apparel choices when using sublimation.

Screenprint DTF (Direct to Film) prints are full color (white included) printed prints that can be applied to full 100% cotton apparel or blended.

No more just 60% or 100% polyester required for these babies and the prints are amazing, durable and full color.

The DTF is lighter in texture than vinyl and more flexable than vinyl.

Only requiring 7-10 second presses @ 310 degress on a heat press, with a followup short 2-3 second press and your shirt is done. These come in great for large runs as they take no time in pressing and can be on full cotton tshirts such as Gildan, Jiffy or Next Level.

I have found a few vendors who provide DTF prints but by far the my go to vendor is

Who have gone through a company name change now called Do it Yourself Transfer

They offer DTF, HTV and Sublimation transfers.


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