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Something new is mist!!! I have a new toy (aka Early Christmas Present)...... it's aaaaaaaa SERGER?

Well, I finally did it, my husband purchased something I have been wanting for about a year now. It just something I was earger as well as nervous to start using.

That's right... a SERGER sewing machine.

I already have a Brother standard sewing machine but have been wanting to start making toddler and infant clothes and accesories and really wanted them to look professional. My little girl is so tall and lean we never can find her some leggings that are long enough. They are either long enough but too big or too short and fit great.

So, I have been looking around at Sergers and decided on the Broher 1034D Serger sewing machine. I can't wait to unbox it and start using it.

I will post a videos on TikTok, YoutTube and Instagram of my epic fails and achievements. Hopefully more achievements then fails but we all have to start somewhere, right!

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