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To Scrunchie or Not To Scrunchie ...that is the question.

So I have been surfing Youtube, which I normally do on my down time and came across a great video by Neita Fajita where she demonstrates on how to create a scrunchie. I was like, WOW! I can do that. So I looked through my stash of fabric and found some I like to make scrunchies with and away I went to my sewing machine. (Old Faithful - Brother). Nothing fancy one I purchased from Wal-mart about 8 years ago and it is still going strong.

Linked below is Nita's video.

So I found that the longer and wider the fabric the more puffy the scrunchie. However you do not want to make your scrunchie too wide then it won't have much fluff but more bluh.

I have provided My Determination on measurements and sizes below:


Giant 7” x 70 9” elastic

XXL 7” x 60” 9” elastic

Large 6” x 40” 8” elastic

Regular 6” x 30” 7” elastic

Medium 5” x 20” 7” elastic

Mini 3” x 20” 5” elastic

Micro mini 3” x 15” 4.5” elastic

I found the Large and XXL look amazing as well as the Mediums. Medium and Regulars can be used by Adult of all ages and/or toddlers ranging in ages 4-6,

Mini and Micro Mini for ages 3 and younger

I also found a way to add cute tails to the scrunchie's. That version of scrunchie is linked below:

I did create my own How To video on making a XXL scrunchie using thick silk fabric.

My initial thoughts on the process and product, I would begin adding them to orders as a free item something that matches the applique on a toddlers shirt or something like that.

The cost to make a scrunchie ranges from about $1.00 -$2.00 depending on the type of fabric used. The elestic can be found on Amazon which saves you more money buying on a roll than small amounts from Joann Fabrics or Wal-mart.

Thread used can be all purpose sewing thread from Wal-mart or online retailers such as which has great deals on all types of thread as low as $.99 during sales.

If you are wanting to make srunchies you can hand sew them or use a sewing machine. I would recommend a sewing machine as it will save you in time.

And as always you will want to brand your scrunchie. I did create labels using white thin cotton fabric and iron on paper. I printed my company name on the transfer iron on paper and ironed it onto the the white fabric. It came out "ok" but I am going to try this on white ribbon as it will look nicer and feel softer.

Check out my tutorial video and see how things went.

The first few attempts were fails as I either forgot to add my branding label or cut the material too short. But now I think I have the hang of it and love making scrunchies.

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