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Welcome my new bundle of joy - Brother Entrepreneur 6 Needle! :)

Even though my Brother PE800 single needle embroidery machine is only a 6 months old, I wanted so much to expand my machine collection to a multi needle.

There are so many multi needle embroidery machines on the market today and I did my research. From a Ricoma, Melco, Baby Lock and Brother, there are so many different options and accessories with all the multi needle machines on the market.

Below is a list of the various machines and my research.

RICOMA: This machine is a good machine, however I found various videos from real users who had mixed option on the machine itself as well as the financing Ricoma offered. Also when I tried to initially get financed for this machine I was told that if my credit score was not at the least a 650 or higher that it was less likely I would qualify for the great deal of $130/month that they advertise. Lastly, the price of between $12K - $15K just didn't out way the need.

MELCO: This machine is great. So many bells and whistles I love the possibility of owning owning, HOWEVER, the cost of the machine was going to be around $13K-$18K and that included stand, and lots of extras, however I just wasn't sure I wanted to 1) pay that much and 2) the financing was going to be difficult for me.

The last option was to look at just maybe 6 or 10 needle machines that I could purchase at local shops or online. I wasn't sure I wanted to purchase online as I have heard so many horror stories about others that purchased on line and either had to wait for months to get their machine or got their machine and it did not work properly. I really wanted a local store to purchase from this way I could go back to the store for any issues that may arise or to get additional accessories.

I search and called around and found a local store in Hurst TX which was about 30-40 min away from my home. They had 6 and 10 needle options in the Brother brand.

At this point that is the brand I wanted but wasn't sure which one (6 or 10 needle).

I took the plunge and choose a Brother Entrepreneur PR670E 6 needle, below is an unboxing and first stitch video!!! ENJOY :)

~"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."

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