Lovin The Bling Designs

Custom wearables, promotional items and creative gifts

Great selection of Rhinestone designs to choose from. We can create a design for you or you can submit your own.

Shirt options start at $18 and go up from there depending on the design. Submit a quote request and let's get started creating your awesome bling design.

Rhinestone are not just for apparel, let us bling out your mug, tumbler, window decal, keyboard, laptop, cell phone, possibilities are endless. 


Understanding SS size and PP size references-

Rhinestones are measured in a ''range'' of sizes rather than a precise measurement, using the following:

PP (Pearl Plate) is a method of sizing originally used for pearls by placing them on a surface or plate with holes. The pearls were sized by which holes they fell through. PP is usually used for smaller stones. Pearl plate has a variance of 1/10 of a millimeter.

SS (Stone Size) is the most current method of rhinestone sizing, although PP is still used. Some stones will have both a PP and SS size on the package label.

Please note: Smaller point back rhinestones are measured in PP (Pearl Plate) and flat back and larger point back rhinestones are measured in SS (Stone Size).

*Image size not actual size. Click here for chart.

We use high quality Korean Low Lead Rhinestones as well as DMC higher quality stones. If extra bling is what you are seeking, we can provide the highest quality of stone which the Swarovski Low Lead Rhinestone to our products.

When submitting your quote, please specify all details including size of desired design, size of stones, color and type of stone you are wanting.