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DTF Screen Prints are running in full force

Yep, we are in business providing DTF Screen Prints to those crafters and hobbyist out there who wants to decorate anything from shirts to caps and much more.

These DTF Screen Prints are awesome, colorful and vibrant, simply stunning.

So easy to use as well, follow these simple steps:

  1. Purchase your DTF Screen Prints from my website Lovin The Bling - Embroidery Services - Mansfield Texas

  2. Your order will be delivered within 1-3 business days in a hard cardboard 12x12 envelope, keeping the prints safe during transit

  3. These transfers can sit on a shelf for at the least 8-9 months before being pressed

  4. Pressing the transfer is super duper easy. Simply adjust your heat press (nope, house hold iron or easy press do not work)

  5. heat Press settings needs to be 310-315 degrees (be sure to check your press temperature with a heat gun to ensure your press is indeed getting as hot as you set your press. Some presses heat differently.

  6. Press with medium pressure for 15 seconds

  7. Lift the press and allow item to cool.

  8. Once cool, starting with a corner, slowly peel the carrier sheet from the design

  9. Repress for 5 seconds

  10. DONE - watch item as instructed per its tags washing instructions

DTF Screen Prints are the new age technique raging the decorated apparel/product industry. Get your hands on your screen prints TODAY.

We have so many designs and sizes available from Youth to Adult size transfers.

Wanting something made for you? we can do that too. Send us a custom quote.

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