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Introducing the PE800 EMBROIDERY MACHINE... what! what!

Fast forward - so there is a lot of fast forwards as I am trying to make up for a few years of not blogging ... :)

So... Fast Forward to November 2020 - COVID has been raising havoc and I have been working from home for my day job since March. It's been a crazy 6+ months. My Etsy shop has been busy with Christmas orders too and I had to put it on vacation just again just to focus on my needs (to-do) lists.

I really wanted to add Embroidery to my shop. I looked around and noticed the best beginner embroidery machines (and within my budget, I might add) was the Brother single needle PE800. At this time Amazon had it for sale for around $800. It was a large investment (for me) and I had the green light from my husband but was still just not sure about spending the funds. I mean, what if I suck at it, right???

Self doubt set it and I didn't purchase at that time. December 1st goes by and I noticed the same machine on Amazon is now $1000 it seems like everyone wanted to start embroidery for a business and the PE800 machine was becoming the go-to starter for the price point.

I knew I missed a great opportunity in November 2020 to purchase the machine at $800 so was like oh man! that sucks. I looked on Amazon every day and the price just went higher and higher. I even looked on Amazon in the middle of the night. It was like a challenge now to find the PE800 at a lower price.

After almost giving up, I logged onto Amazon at at 2AM on a Sunday and low and behold the PE800 price was at $799. I jumped at that and purchased the machine.

I was like OMG I now have an embroidery machine. I purchased all the supplies too that night and just told my husband, "hey, don't bother getting me anything for Christmas, you just purchased me everything I want.", he was like "oh good" and rolled over and went back to sleep. Wash my unboxing of the PE800 linked below:

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