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I was toying with the possibility of adding embroidery to my business portfolio in early 2017 but then realized how much the machines costs and was like, no way could I afford that.

Fast forward to 2018, I began trying my hand at Tumbler designing and creating using Epoxy and Glitter.

Well, I soon realized after using the Epoxy for about a month I started having a hard time breathing and a pesky cough. Not long, that cough turned into a full blown cold and upper respiratory infection that lasted through end of 2018. I contributed the use of the Epoxy to the respiratory issues and put all my tumbler supplies up and never touched them again.

Keep in mind I was not wearing protective face and respiratory equipment when I first began using Epoxy. The Epoxy I was using at the time was Alumilite (basic kind you can find at Michaels). This epoxy was very smelly and I was using the product inside my kitchen. I was really new to using Epoxy and really did not know that a well ventilated areas is needed.

Come January 2020, I was all better and my Etsy shop was actually on vacation during the time I was ill so my shop was just still there wasting money with Etsy fees. By February I was like, OK, I need to get up and get back into my ETSY shop and start working again.

All those who use ETSY as a business platform knows, putting your shop on vacations is not a good thing to do as no traffic is going to your shop and when you do open it back up it is like you are fresh and new to ETSY.

I opened my shop back up and things were really slow at first. February, March, April went by and I was like, you know I need to clean my office. I was about the trash all my tumbler supplies but thought I would try my hand at tumbler making again but this time I tried a different epoxy. I spent the extra funds and purchased KS Resin. I was told it would have less smell or odor and that was a plus to me.

I began creating tumblers and started posting my first few finished tumblers/cups on my ETSY shop. I started getting orders and that was super great.

Also the KS Resin epoxy worked out so well and the odor was very mild. I wore a mask to ensure I wouldn't start coughing again and I didn't.

I highly recommend KS Resin if you are looking for an Epoxy to use.

Looking for past Blogs... some are very hilarious and really helped me see where I started from and where I am today in my little business.

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